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Sponsorship foe fwee

Happy New Year(s)! [is the 's' at the end necessary?]
So I have room for 2 more sponsors. Woo! Basically, the next 2 people to email me at kah_andace{at}yahoo{dot}com get to be January sponsors. But here's the catch, it's a swap! So I take yours, you take mine. Kapeash?  yay! Also, if someone reading this is thinking "I would love to do a giveaway on LLR" then, thank goodness you're here! I am totes itching to host a giveaway or twelve. I love em. Free stuff= happy Candace. Once again, contact me via anywhere you can contact me. And lastly but not leastly, I have finally made my whole blog match, thus meaning new buttons! Please, if you have an older LLR button, update your button. Some of the past buttons I have made make me wanna throw up. Why I created ugly past buttons, I will never know. Yeah.

If you are dying to sponsor but have no button, do not fear! I design those things! If you decide to sponsor with me, I will make you a button for $3.00 [normally $5]

Question time: When would you personally want to actually pay for a sponsor spot on someone's blog? Like only when someone has over X amount of readers? Or proves their loyalty of  bringing you more readership? or whateves! I'm not close to that point, but that is a question I'd like to know. 



  1. Happy New Year, I'd like to swap with you :)

  2. Well, isn't this a nice New Year's present? Let's swap!

    As for legitimately charging for sponosorships, I think it's appropriate once you hit around 600+ pageviews per day, but keeping low prices. The higher it gets and the more followers you get, the higher the rates should be. Those are the trends I have noticed.

    Along Abbey Road
    $25 Anthropologie gift card giveaway!

  3. I think you're at a good number to start sponsors. For cheap though. I hate when I see people with like 400 or less followers charging an outrageous amount for a sponsor spot. If I ever even come close to 400 followers, I think I'll stick with button swaps until my numbers get bigger.

  4. Love your blog :) too cute!

    Glad you stopped by! New follwer!

  5. happy new year http://misroze.blogspot.com/

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. It's great to meet new bloggers.

    I'm headed to check out Lovely Little Rants now!

  7. hey love sorry for being so late on this but as you can see i been MIA
    due to computer problems!

    are we still keeping each other's
    buttons? let me know

    Melina ♥


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