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VLOG: Our toilet overflowed and the power's out. woo!

I decided to vlog. yup. video+blog= this post. Please take notice that I do touch my hair every 2 seconds and that's okay. I click my tongue a lot in this. So all you tongue clickers out there, this one's for you. Happy Tuesday!

Side note: Okay so, I have no idea how this happened but literally I was sitting here uploading this video, and the power turned back on. What?? I'm crossing my fingers it stays this way! 


  1. haha you are so cute
    where you go OH MY GOSH :)

    that sucks :(
    i hope they turn it back on
    really quick!

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    Melina ?

  2. lol you're adorable. And I know you should never be happy about someone else's troubles but I thought I was having a somewhat bad day but I came home and had heat and a dry floor so I suppose it's not so bad after all!
    Hope everything is back in working order by now! :)

  3. You are so cute! Love the Vlog!

  4. I touch my hair a lot too :) haha sucks about the toilet... one time our apartment got flooded from the toilets above us... it was nasty!

  5. Tongue clicker. :D I do that too. But I NEVER notice until someone videos and I hear myself afterward.

  6. aw poor girls :( that is no fun at all! I hope the power gets turned on soon!

  7. You totally made my day with this video!! Thanks for stopping by my little blog and for your sweet words. Seriously though, you are hilarious and just hearing about your toilet overflowing and having no power, made my day seems so less obnoxious =) xoxo

  8. OH. MY. i just had this revelation while i was watching this. you look and act JUST LIKE my friend Natalie. that's just insane.

    oh and my toliet isn't overflowing and my air conditioner (it's hot here in the south) is working. i'm happy.



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