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A winner and a tow truck

First, lets start out with the winner. Congrats to Marci from Waking Up To This! Email me to claim yo prize, lady. :)

Today I woke up with a call from a friend. His car wouldn't start :'( So I was asked to help jump that bebe. I did it. I helped. He did all the work, but I pushed the gas when I was told and followed close directions. And guess what? After a long time, it worked! And while we were waiting for my car to charge his, we saw someone get towed. And my heart dropped. Why? Because I know exactly what that feels like.  I dislike tow truck workers a whole lot. How do they sleep at night {Or not, I guess, cause they're busy making college age students cry}

Yeah, well, the tables have turned:


  1. hahaha omg that lady is crazy!

    is finally friday yayyyyyyy
    oh by the way love ..
    i made new buttons with sizes
    that look like the rest of what you
    have up there .. want the square
    one or rectangular?

    Melina ♥

  2. Aw sorry about the car troubles! Lol why did that lady do that?! So funny!

  3. lol I wonder when she stopped driving. That's pretty funny.

  4. hahahah that videos funny!! ;)

  5. Yay for friday :)

    Congrats to Marci!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!

  6. i want to do that to some poor tow truck driver. like, NOW. that would be so awesome to pretend like you're broke down and call a tow and then do that to them. (:


  7. I tried emailing you a few days ago, just checking to see if you got it


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