Dear Winter.

Dear winter,

Thank you. Thanks for only 3 snows so far. Thanks for melting into ice about 3 feet wide and 7 feet long on the grassy corner outside my window, I've gone ice skating on that little patch of sweetness everyday in normal kid shoes. And sometimes even barefoot. Thanks for making the hot tub seem extra toasty. Especially when I decide one time to the tub in one day isn't enough. Thanks for leaving sweet baby snow flakes stuck to my window, they're not only cute, but they melt super fast. I appreciate you helping it feel a little more like an Arizona winter vs a Utah one. It's helped skew my feelings of winter into a little bit more positive ones. Please ignore the skiers and snowboarders, they don't really want snow, they just want to brag about the cool tricks they can do in the snow. I also appreciate the time it was cold enough to actually WALK on Utah Lake, but the air wasn't even that cold! Somehow the water was clearly cold enough, though.  Keep up the good work!



  1. gorgeous photo!

  2. anddd now i want to go in a hottub!

  3. Ug. I was SO excited to not be in winter weather for one year and now I miss it. awesome. :P


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