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How to: make a personalized vintage kitchen bowl.

1. choose two colors, a light and a dark. Paint your bowl (or cup? or vase? or plate?!) the light color. 2 coats.
2. Cover your bowl in lace. As you can see, I got creative with hairbands and bobby pins to keep my lace as tight to the bowl as possible. That is the key. Keep the lace TIGHT!

3.paint your lace covered bowl the light color, again. all over, just one coat.

4. let the light dry as much as possible, damp is okay. I put mine under a blowdryer on the COLD & LOW setting for about 6 minutes until it was a little bit damp. Then paint your darker color over the lace. 2 coats.

5. slowly take off lace while bowl is still wet and let it dry for a few minutes.

6. Paint the inside whatever color your heart desires. 3 coats.

7. to personalize it, I put stickers of my name letters in the bowl and painted over them 2 coats. I also decided to paint the rim of the bowl a different color to compliment my bowl. At least I think it compliments it. Maybe I'm crazy?

8. take off the sticker letters and stick in the kiln, take it out, and love your cute new pot! go you! 

Happy Monday :)


  1. i am definitely going to try this.

  2. Great DIY! And thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad you like the bright colors and style!

    Following you now!

  3. oh my gosh! i love this! amazing.

  4. oooo love this idea! Im trying it. Dont really know how I found your blog but I love it :)
    xo Erika Inez

  5. i want it!

    (thanks for your comment-love)


  6. Oh my this is beautiful and such a great idea!

  7. i love it!
    so unique and vintage



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