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Karaoke night. word.

Last night was karaoke night at Pizza Pie Cafe. And I went. 

1. When we got there {me and Kaes, pronounced case} went in to pay for just a drink. Cause we didn't wanna pay for the buffet aka not even supes hungry. In case you are unaware, Pizza Pie Cafe is a pizza/ dessert pizza/ salad buffet. Anyways, we go to pay for a .99 cent drink and the girl goes "well technically you have to just buy the buffet with a drink but if pinky promise me not to ea--- yah know what? I don't even care if you guys eat. Go ahead" So we only paid $2 for a buffet. Thank you, lady!

2. Since it was free, I ate too much. Not even very hungry in the first place. Foooood baby.

3. I was honestly not aware that people used karaoke to have their .1 second of fame. Literally 98% of the people there sang like they were at their own concert surrounded by millions of fans. Or trying out for American Idol. Or both. Some of them were pretty good. Some of them, well, bless their hearts. {as dad would say}

4. This kid there seriously believed he WAS Chris Brown. I'm not kidding you. He danced ferociously throughout every single song. He was the definition of an attention whore. Then random other kids would try to jump in for a second while Chris B over here would give them a look of "awh, you look cute trying to steal my spot light." While he booty bumped them away. This is what he looked like, but with a lot more fire and ambition:

5. Kaes and I signed up for JB Never Say Never but so many American Idol contestants had signed up previous, we never had time to get up there.

It was pretty fun and entertaining. If you have a karaoke place in your town, go!! People watching here is almost as good as it gets.


  1. hahaha that is so funny! he is crazy! p.s. love your blog :)

  2. I've only done it once, but had SO MUCH FUN!!!!! My husband sang Fat Bottom Girls and had the whole place on their feet. It was awesome.

    - Sarah

  3. hahaha! that made me laugh out loud!

    Yaaay for free buffets! :D


  4. i have always been to scared to try karaoke...maybe i should try it :)

  5. A) Chris Brown=so funny!
    B) they totally called you guys after you left!
    C) I'm so glad you guys came :)

  6. People TOTALLY do karaoke for their seconds of fame, it's hilarious! Sounds like you had fun!

  7. i been wanting to go to a Karaoke
    bar for ever .... to have a girls
    night out and have a blast!

    sounds like you guys had
    the time of your life ..
    and free buffet? you gotta
    be kidding me .. LUCKYYY

    MELINA ♥

  8. I didn't even know Pizza Pie had a karaoke night! I am definitely going to check it out now, cause people watching is the best!
    Modern Modest Beauty


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