last night.

Last night I drove to Manti with some friends to pick up another friend. It was quite the adventure and drive. Apparently Manti is 1.5 hours away. And 2 hours away when you get lost and have to ask some peeps directions to the Manti temple. Some last night highlights, and I will use names so I'm sorry for a ny confusion for all of you whom have no idea who I am talking about

+tricking steven that the Justin Bieber music we're playing is Donnie's talented little brother, Kenny. And Steven believing us. {We played less popular songs because Steven knows the popular ones and claims to hate the Biebs. sick man}

+.1 mile on the way home and Donnie's car heater goes out. And there's snow outside. so basically it's freezing inside and we had 2 hours to go. 

+Donnie putting his hand up to the heater air thing and going "ohhhh, ohhhh!!" and us excitedly going "WHAT!?!" and Donnie replying "It's stil freezing!!"

+everyone singing the chorus together with passion to this song.

+ bonding over angels and airwaves. #love

+literally seeing our breath inside of the car.

+trying to share Steven's jacket in the backseat. And when I say share, I mean Kaesi and Sara were bundled up in it while I sat and was jealous.

+Before we picked Steven up from Manti, we had called prematurely telling him we were there {Because we thought we were there, but were really 13 miles away} and Steven's story of as we called of some car coming towards him, slowing down close to him, Steven thinking it was us jumped in front of the car and then tried to open the door as this mysterious driver freaked out and drove away. Then Steven realizing it was in fact not us.

+Kaesi and I sharing a seatbelt because one of the seatbelt hook things was eaten by the seat. 

+Us before we got there, still miles away and Sara's iphone dying. aka our only hope to tell us where to go to get there and how to get home. 

All in all, it was fun. And crazy, and towards the end we were all on happy pills and saying weird unfunny things that were all the funniest things in the world. 

Happy Friday :)



  1. I love your blog. This post made me laugh. That would be so embarrassing trying to get into someone's car you don't know.
    PS after stalking your blog (sorry?) I noticed your bf is from WI. So am I! Small world? Kind of not really haha :)

  2. Just found your blog today and I am loving it! And oh my gosh, the drive to Manti is THE WORST! I seriously hate that more than anything, I'm glad that you could enjoy it so much! I think I'd rather go anywhere in the world than go to Manti!


  3. You crack me up! Haha. Too funny!

  4. Just found your blog! Love it so far... can't wait to read on! Happy weekend :)


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