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Sorry for being M.I.A. & How to: Train your bangs!

I'm sorry for being MIA last week. I was such a busy girl getting ready for a presidents day trip to Vegas, which, of course, will be blogged about shortly! Basically, I've never been invited to so many filthy clubs before (which I didn't attend them with an invite, either.) 
I made a how to ( clearly) on how to train bangs! Seeing as I am a new member of the bang club, I quickly learned the easiest ways to train those babies. Please excuse me being short of breath for no reason and saying multiple random unnecessary things. anddddd the video:

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  1. You are seriously so dang cute(not in a creepy way, lol)! These are such great ideas...I don't have bangs right now, but I always randomly decide to cut them...and when I do I always blow dry them. But you are totally right that it is damaging to your hair to do that all the time! So next time I cut my bangs I will definitely be trying this!
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