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It's that time again. sponsor&saturday

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This Saturday was the color festival. The festival where EVERYONE in UT&ID come and attend. And take multiple photos.  And post them all over facebook. They're pretty cool, I guess, but after everyone posts 99+ photos, it gets old, quickly. This was my newsfeed. If your picture is up here, I am just using it to show that everyone posts about the color festival. I think you're cool and awesome I am in no way trying to offend anyone. I am a victim of posting color festival pictures, too.  That being said: The color festival:


  1. AHHHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!! There I am!!! I thought I was being original by not changing my profile picture, but I guess now. Ha!

  2. hahahah the color festival took over my news feed. on a scale from one to a hunrded, how much did i like it? a ZERO. (zero isnt even on the scale) thats how much i hated it. gosh dang. i dont even know if i want to go next year.


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