So this miss has been MIA. I'm sorry :( It's been an eventful few days! But, in other news, it's in the 60s this week in Utah! Normally, that'd be freezing cold for an AZ blooded girl like myself, but since it has already actually been freezing cold temps, this is warm! I laid out yesterday (yeah, I'm that girl) and got a tiny bit burnt. Which strangely enough is a good thing. And I hiked the Y with my bebe girl, Kaesi. The Y is this huge Y on the mountain by BYU and has 12 steep switch backs and is the worst idea ever. :) haha We ate food up der and has a good ole time. 


  1. truly the worst idea ever. remind me if you ever want to hike the y again to say no. the only good part about it was being done. oh, and being wif you! :) looove


    PLEASE FOLLOW ME! kidding.


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