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Park City & some clothing steals!

Has everyone in this world except myself hopped on the colorful jeans bandwagon? Can I also say, I want to be you. And now I am you. Yes. I went and got myself some colored jeans. This weekend I went to Park City. Purely with the intention to shop. The best intention I have ever had. Aka the outlets of all stores classy. Aka every store had deals. EVERY STORE people.

 So those colored jeans you see? Pac Sun for $18.99. Or so I thought. I brought the red ones up to the register and the blessed women says to me "Oh! It's buy one pair of colored JEANS get one free" Can someone please tell me when this has ever happened? Because I will tell you right now that answer is never. Stores never give you something like jeans for free when you buy one pair. Until you go to Park City and an angel has accepted a job to work at Pac Sun.

sweet blurry picture, huh? Didn't feel like taking another one so, I'm sorry for being lazy.
Those shirts? Ann Taylor. Yeah, the store I usually walk by without going inside because I know I cannot afford anything from there. Except when those shirts together = $11.00. That is when I am given hope. And buy them. And love them. PS they look ugly in that photo, in real life, I promise you they are actually beautiful.

I would like to clarify, Yes, I know pictures look crapy and unprofessional with the flash. But I had to give the full color effect so a crapy unprofessional flash was actually needed and smart. I think.

And now in other news,

Please look at this and tell me how it is possible.

tonight it's 32 and Friday it's 70? Utah is a pretty messed up place. I'm not shore how this is possibly, but whateves, bring on the heat.



  1. Jealous of your steals!! Kentucky tends to have weather like that...I hate it!! Here's to hoping it stays warm for you. I can't wait for spring!

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  4. Wow, from 32 to 70 in less than a week! That's crazy!

    - Sarah

  5. Colored skinnies on BOGO?... I need your luck.


  6. Sweet deals!!! I gots me some colored jeans this weekend, too! Minty teal:)

  7. love the denim!

  8. I just bought my first pair of colored jeans and I lOVE THEM. Gah!
    Oh, and Provo weather sucks. Seriously.
    Love your blog!!! I am a follower :)
    Oh, Just Living the Dream

  9. BOGO jeans = awesome steal. You are feeding my desire to head down to my local outlets, although I really shouldn't.

  10. I misssss shopping in Park City! I love those deals! I am dying to get my hand on a pair of colored jeans! Too bad there is zero shopping in the small town :(
    I think every state in the country is having weirrrrd weather right now! I am SO excited for it to warm up though! Snow is the WORST!


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