Sometimes I get carried away. Sometimes I forget 216 people might read what I say. Sometimes I show my feelings via twitter. haha Sometimes my twitter feed looks like I'm 13 and in Junior High again. I guess I don't know twitter etiquette. Can someone show me what's up? I've had twitter since 09 and I'm still lost on what is okay and not okay. Anyways, that is all. Happy Thursday :)



  1. Haha, I tweet to Justin Bieber all the time. I look like a 13 year old too. I say keep tweeting what you want. Isn't that what it's for?

    Along Abbey Road

  2. I love reading your tweets! They are refreshing and I totally empathize with you because my roommates suck also. Not in the same way-- they're respectful or whatever-- but they are SO, SO BORING! And quiet. Plus I think it's totally okay to Tweet people's names if I'm not FB friends with them or they don't know I have a blog. It's not like they're ever gonna find me on the Tweeeeter machine.

    Yes, can we hang out soon?! We can bond over mutual dislike of our roommates and Justin'll probably have to sell me on him a little bit though, I'm not really a huge fan. Ha!

  3. Twitter HAS no rules! You can do whatever you want, haha. But you should follow Will Ferell though. He is hilarious.


  4. It is that same reason that I can't bring myself to get Twitter.. I'm so scared I'm going to say something that will ruin my life as I know it! Aaahh!


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