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I am not ashamed

I am obsessed with this bebe. My niece. Mine. I think i've said this before, but I'll say it again. I used to think people who were obsessed with their siblings offspring were over dramatic and weird. And I didn't understand. Since this bundle of cuddles and laughter was born, the obsessed with your siblings offspring CLUB has grown. LOVE HER SO MUCH. gooshy goo love kiss cuddle.

I got to play with her allllllll weekend while I was in Idaho for my sister in law's sister's wedding! Check out the mama of this beautiful human being here. It was awesome to see Chris&Tani {the parents, Chris being my broski} I think the hardest goodbye was saying bye to Brielle. She is literally a ray of sunshine and happiness and innocence that is hard to find in a person. She's the bee's knees, my friends.


  1. awww. i don't think this is weird at all. i stare at my baby nephew's pictures allll day long. can not get enough of him!

  2. i am obsessed with my nephews. and i worry i won't love my own the way i love them! ha! but really. being obsessed with our siblings off spring is totally normal!

  3. Oh, nieces and nephews are. the. BEST! Mine are my bff's! They're cool, and we play together. :)

  4. My cousin is having a baby in July and I could not be more excited - I may or may not have already purchased her a few things.. haha

  5. Aw so sweet! And I totally get it. Before, I didn't get how you could love someone else's baby so much and then my sister went and had the most adorable baby boy. You'd think with the number of times he shows up on my blog that he was mine :S Here's to being fabulous aunts!! :)

  6. aww shes so cute!

    would you like to follow each other? :)

  7. haha the last few seconds of the video I replayed a few times. I love that girl too:)
    Thanks for the shout-out sister!


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