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Last day. First day. and new stuffs!

Last day TODAY of a job I've never mentioned on here. I won't mention it because A. I was a little embarrassed by it (It's not fast food or anything, it's just dumb) and today is my LAST DAY!!! I have never been treated so much like a pack mule before. This was probs my least favorite job to date and I cannot express how happy I am that today is my last day! The management there basically treats all of it's non-family member employees like we all speak another language aka as if we don't understand anything and can do no good. Even when we do perfect, there is still a speck of dust that someone forgot to clean. SO YAY FOR THE LAST DAY!

First day at a country club starts next week for me! Remember in high school musical 2 when everyone works at a country club? I won't live there. But THIS WILL BE ME. Except I won't act like a diva, yo. I'll be polite and nice. Promise! if any agents are watching this thinking "We want to star you in a show about living at a country club and getting pampered 24/7 "you know how to reach me.

new stuffs- NEW ROOMIES! In case you didn't know, fall/winter I was not blessed with roommates who were... well, people I'd hang out with. Like we were just 100% different overall. But it's cool. You learn a LOT and learn to live with people you know personally for now on! hah I know 3 of my new roomies and I LOVE THEM. We understand each other and love each other and are planning on having the best spring/summer EVER. The other 2 who were randoms also seem super cute and cool and fun. Can't wait to get to know those girls :) 

this has been LOTS of writting so 90% of you probably tuned out early on, but have a lovely Wednesday and a happy spring beginning!


  1. Okay I just want to watch HSM2 now. Which never happens because that is my least favorite movie. Happy summer!! My new roommates are the cutest things too! Yayayayayayayyazzodijgg.

  2. Amen to the last day part!!! It's the best feeling ever ...until they make you come back ...twice! (or was it three times?) Anyway, sorry that job ended up being poopy. I swear it wasn't like that when I first started. It went down the tubes as soon as they opened the Lehi store. That's when everyone went crazy. Yeah for new job! And summer! Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Yay for the last day of a less than awesome job! :)

  4. screw the unmentionable job and the manager. sorry they were lame.

  5. thats awesome that you living with people you love! i can't imagine living with people that i didn't know - i guess i did random roommate freshman year but it turned out super welll....i've heard plenty of horror stories since then and i'm glad i dont have to deal with that prospect anymore!


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