I did it.

I actually finished all 4 seasons of Hannah Montana on netflix last week. {please judge me} And I was actually disappointed it was over. But whatever, I guess it's time for shows my age. I'm thinking this one is more in my age group, even though the main girl is in high school. But she has this really cool job as a fashion designer assistant who thinks she's an adult but no one knows the truth!  It's called Jane by Design and the pilot was pretty riveting. Hah I honestly just wanted to use the word riveting. It was good. And i liked it. So yeah. PEACE!


  1. I loved that show. I need to finish it!

  2. I loved that too.But it's over :(

  3. Don't be ashamed - I'm older than you and adore Hannah Montana. My friend and I call it "keeping it DC (Disney Channel)". Sometimes its just nice to be able to laugh at stupid childish things and not have to worry about the adult: sex, drugs, and rock and roll mantra that most TV shows my age adhere to. :)

  4. um...you just became my BFF! I LOVE HANNAH MONTANA!!! Bahahaha, so awesome! I'm also a Disney channel nerd. Oh I love me some Disney Channel Original Movies, you know like High School Musical and BRINK!

    ahhh to be 5 again..

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  6. PLEASE watch White Collar.
    Amazing back story and new story each episode. The cast has amazing chemistry. And, Neal wears a fedora!

    Truly amazing. First two seasons are on Netflix. Season 3 just finished. Season four starts this summer.

    -Kirsten from mylifetintedpink.blogspot.com


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