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I'm with child.

Not the pregnant "with child" just the nannying kind. Cousin Kaesi ditched her nannying duty to fly off to austria for some hair internship {yeah, I am really jealous} So i took over mama duty of our second cousin's little 4 month old baby, Brielle. She's a beaute& a cutie! And she has the name of my niece. So she obviously has that going for her. It was fun taking care of her but a lot harder than I thought. But it's good for me, good practice for that one day when I'll have my own cutie pie to care for. 

please ignore my scowl. It is a secret smile that's probs just hidden on the ounce of sleep I got last night.
Anyways, there's a sweet update for ya!

AND TODAY IS MY DAD'S BIRTHDAY! GO DAD! YOU DA BEST! Hope your birthday is filled with lots of pinches, candy, and pop :) Miss you and can't WAIT to see you soon {hopefully} !!! I love you daddio!



  1. a baby that's not really your baby is the best. in my opinion. :)

  2. I'm so excited for you to be our nanny someday (soon)

  3. awww... adorable little princess.. i love that bow on her!!


  4. aww! Soak up that baby!!! I want one!! haha... but seriously. I'm jealous.


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