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June sponsor me, yo

+I nannied a wittle bebe and didn't realized my shirt of choice said "I'm easy." with the green dot referring to slopes. Green dot= easy slope. It's a punny shirt.  People probs didn't have time to get the pun and were too busy staring at a young girl with a 5 month old babe. #sorrynotsorry
+thought about doing an ab workout. didn't happen. typical. :)

+visited my sweet grandparents. I wuv them

+and participated in night games. aka everyone showing up, making game plans, and different groups sneaking away quietly till it was pointless. So I played some super smash on the wii instead. #winning
Provo is a good place. I guess I like to get in the habit of bashing this place because let's face it, Arizona is my home and I miss it. It's sad being away from family who cares about you on the daily. But I guess I have it pretty good up here. 
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  1. THAT BABY. So cute. And I laughed pretty hard at your green dot story. xo.

  2. I awarded you at my blog, pretty girl!!! ♥ Come check it out?


  3. uh awkward! hahaha I am dying just thinking about a girl with a 5 month old baby wearing a shirt that says, "I'm easy." hahaha punny funny story.


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