Lazy Saturday

Saturday was lazy. Okay. Is lazy. I'm doing that crafty thing of writing this post on Saturday and it actually posts on Monday. Except I'm actually telling you about it and I'm pretty sure that doesn't happen so. Anyways, I know you want to know what I did today. Here it is:
1. wake up at 10am. (lazy)
2. sit on my computer and design a new blog header (nerdy and lazy)
3. go to a pool party, swim for 1.5 seconds, then go to the hot tub where fruit is brought to me. In a cup. And i got to share it with 4 other people. good thing i got 1 of 3 pineapple chunks. then lay out. (lazy and worth it)
4. come home and sit on my computer some more. (L@zY)
5 go to work. the work I tried to get covered so I could be lazy. but no one covered it so i had to do something with my life. but it was good because then I got some mon-ay. And that makes me go :D
6. come home and i decided to 1/2 paint my toes and blog. why? because i did nawt want to waste my hard earned (not hard at all) cash on some movie. 

dear Camdrea: (brother and sis-in-law) please move back to Utah. i need you. #basicsurvival
Chris&Tani: move to AZ with baby bree. love her. so. much. love you guys

Is it normal to be moved out over 1.5 years and feel this homesick? yes.


  1. I always feel homesick, too, and I've been moved out for almost 3 years. So I totally know what you mean! xo!

  2. Sometimes everybody needs a lazy day!;)

  3. I love lazy days, they are seriously just the best. Thanks for stopping by, do you want to follow each other?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Swim for 1.5 seconds!! haha I heart your life. :)

  5. lazy shmazy, sounds like you had a nice day :)


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