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The 4th highlights. And more Jef.

On the night of July 3rd, peeps up here get excited. Why? Because everyone camps out on University Avenue all night on the sides of the road for the 4th of July parade in the morning. The grassy sides, of course. And me and muh friends were not about to miss out on dis. Some friends had claimed some sweet spots earlier. Imagine this: 4 love sacs, 2 TV's- one for Mario Kart and one for a movie, blankets covering every square inch, and some snacks to snack on (duh). This was our sweet set up. 
1.Watching some spiderman on Univ Parkway 2. Winning at Mario Kart. 3.Our feet after walking around barefoot all night. 4. A bird that let me pick it up on the 4th. woo!

I got on instagram like any normal kid and saw all these girls with pictures wif Jef Holm. Apparently he was literally like a block away by where other people were also camping out for the parade. So  I walked on over and politely pushed through the crowd of beautiful women and some guys wanting pictures with this guy. Seriously, it was like Justin Bieber was there. T and I just stood kinda next to him 1/2 waiting for him to notice us and 1/2 to maybe ask for a picture. Then as if in some magical movie, Jef looked over at me, and amidst the girls tugging at him for attention, he says, "Hey! I met you before!" and he was immediately pulled away for a photo. At that point, these are the words I wanted to say "Hey, yeah! How's it going?" but I forgot how to speak english. I was shocked he remembered me. And secretly happy he said it in front of this girl who had pushed me earlier to get his attention. Point! Anyways, I got all nervous and clammed up and got too scared to ask for a picture. And I felt that might be weird cause he remembered me and we had already had a picture together. Anyways, it was neat and if Emily doesn't choose him, she is clearly coo coo.

The 4th was sah-weeet! Went with T and his fam to the lake in Park City, fell a lot trying to wakeboard, ate hobo dinners, and watched fireworks on our drive home. It was a gooooooooood day. :)



  1. thats awesome that he remembered you from last tuesday!

  2. He remembered you from Soel? Okay, so awesome. Clearly, it's love :)

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