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The rumors aren't true.

(ps this is just a photo from the ole 2010 file, I didn't cut my hair)

Okay I have no idea why I choose that title. Anyways, lately, I guess I've been looking exceptionally young because of my baby face and baby height (5'2") and baby body. In case you may have been questioning if you're reading the blog of a 12 year old, you are not. I am 21! (well, in 21 days I will be, anyways) :) Here is the start of my baby face diaries:

Story time:
+today, I was called sweetie by a boy maybe 3 years my senior. It was not an "i'm hitting on you" sweetie, it was an "I could just pinch your baby faced cheeks!!" sweetie. 
+Saturday, a table I was serving (ps- i'm a server) asked if they could ask me a "personal" question. It was "I bet you get this a lot but how old are you!??!!" (This isn't the first time I've been asked at schmerk)
+ I went to a wedding a few weeks ago and every mother in the universe kept saying I'd be "perfect for their son!" Their sons also happened to be sophomores in High school. When I mentioned my age, they looked confused and a little embarrassed. But it's coo. 

I'm not mad or anything, I am told on a daily basis that "I will LOVE having a young face someday" And I'm sure I will. I just thought that in case anyone felt weird reading the blog of a toddler, I should let you know I am an adult. wooo! Even though let's face it, I do blog about some younger audience topics sometimes (sue me?) And I do find it kind of funny when people ask me how old I am, because it has never happened this much before (maybe once a week?) Must be a Provo thang. My advise? If you're feeling old, move to Provo and everyone will cut your age in 1/2. I promise.


  1. Uhmmm wherever did you find that ginormous dandelion?! I need one :)

  2. You too?! I'm always told I look 17 :/ but like they say, we'll love it someday! Haha I love you C!

  3. My sis has always gotten this all her life! she'll be lucky in the future. I look a bit younger too but I guess it's more of my personality haha


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