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We went to a rodeo

Not sure how good these videos look/are in general, but here is some live action rodeo footage. Poor baby animals!

We went to a rodeo! Me and some kids from church! because it was a church activity. That had nothing to do with church. Mostly it had to do with: free food, watching poor baby animals get wrasteled to the ground (yes. you read right- wrast-el-ed) and a bunch of flannel and straw hats.
Mind you, I used my iphone (YES I JOINED THE CLUB!) (finally) to take pictures
Exhibit A:

There was a pretty sunsetting in our eyes. It was pretty but I had to squint for the first 1/2 of the rodeo. Remind me to keep sunglasses on hand at all times.

the end! It was cool. and there were lot's of hicks and accents. sweeeeeeeet stuff.



  1. Even though it involves lots of baby animals being wrastled (ha), I still kind of like rodeos. Something about cowboys I think?

    Anyway, I'm doing a link-up on my blog today of iPhone pics, and I'd love for you to link up if you have 20 seconds! I just got an iPhone too, and totally love it.

    Happy Monday :)



  2. oh how fun! I love this, rodeos are a good time!


  3. Yay you got an i-phone! feels good huh? Btw, I love rodeos! I haven't been for too long! Must get on that.

  4. oooh, poor little baby animals! LOVE that sunset pic at the end. xo!


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