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gilly hicks.

Guys. The other day I went to Park City with some peeps to go shopping {obviously} and we happened upon Abercrombie&Fitch. Long story short, on their bag it says the name off all their sister stores. One called Gilly Hicks of course caught my eye. 1. it's in sydney and 2. it's in sydney. ANyways, I just think everyone needs to take 5 seconds and go buy all their stuff. Cause it's a steal. and you'll look like you're visiting from sydney. Check out what I bought. also, I realized I am clearly a fan of the color navy.


  1. crap.. now i want to buy the whole store. thanks a lot. ;) great purchases! i love that dress!

  2. awesome stuff!

  3. Oooh, what pretty pieces! Wish we had that store in my place. :/


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