So I am officially home. In Arizona. Roommates with the one and only parents of mine. I drove down last Thursday, a friend came with me because let's face it- I am way to scared to drive 10 hours in a car by myself because I would probably just cry if my car broke down vs being smart and calling for help. Anyways, I forgot how hawt it is in Arizona! Our A/C has been out for the few days I've been home and it is toasty in the Stevenson home. I have also recently realized a new-found love for pinterest. I have a goal this semester to entertain myself with crafts and teaching myself new things to make and love. Let's hope I actually make 1/2 the things I want to make :) 

Here is the main craft I will make. This super cute waterfall bedding inspired by Urban Outfitters. 

and some other things I think would look sah-weet. In like a grey or mustard yellow.

and this, I just love the lights hanging. this wouldn't even be too hard either:

anyways, this will be a very interesting semester! please bless I make some friends.



  1. very cute!


  2. Bahahaha I am in the SAME BOAT, sister! Are you just moving back home for fall and doing beauty school in the winter?

  3. Cute bedspread! I'm having a little girl in a few months, and I would LOVE to make her a little bedspread like that. Good find!

  4. I'll be your friend!! I'm home for the semester too, so hit me up and we can be friends. Plus, before you know it Craig will be home too!!! Woohoo!! :)

    p.s. If you can figure out how to make that bedspread...teach me! So cute!!

  5. I love the lights behind the curtain! I have lights hung up around my room and it makes for such a peaceful environment :)

  6. I think you have some great ideas. I'm sure your room will be gorgeous.

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