DoTerra essential Oils winner is announced here. Email me stat to get your prize :)

SOS: does anyone in Arizona know of anywhere that would like to hire me? haha but seriously...  


  1. Hey girly! Try calling Zaharis Elementary in east Mesa to see if they are still hiring classroom aids! My mom is a teacher there and it is pretty much the coolest school ever! (Seriously, they won an award from People magazine for being one of the coolest schools in America.)The principle's name is Mike Oliver and he's the bishop of the 4th ward in our stake, and I know they were looking for aids in the last couple weeks!

  2. Hi Candace, have you heard of the new BASI network?

    Come join us and worldwide bloggers to take a stand against social injustices! You can join the Bloggers Against Social Injustice network today & help us make a difference for those whose voices are not being heard!
    There are different events BASI hosts to help educate and fund change to help end atrocities like sex trafficking (AKA slavery!) but to really turn heads, we need your help!

    I really hope to see you there.It's just a click away and you can make this world a better place.

    * We have GFC, bloglovin, twitter and FACEBOOK too! ^_^ *



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