bucket list

My cute friend, Leah, did a bucket list and I thought it was a cool idea. I've never made like a life to-do list before and so I thought I was at a good age to start. I decided to start it with things I have never done before (some peeps start theirs from things they've done since day 1) So here you are:

-run a half marathon
-run an entire marathon
-bake a really nice/fancy cake
-invest in an expensive really comfy bedspread
-invest in a really really nice car. Like pay in full and it's all mine type of thing. Love my buick and all but I've been dying for an upgrade since like forever.
-meet the prophet
-get my associates (in art??)
-get my bachelors
-graduate college
-create a real graphic design business where people work for me
-fall psycho crazy in love
-marry my bestie
-go to hair school eventually (weird childhood dream)
-go to Disneyland in my adult life
-hike a REALLY tall mountain. The kind where you camp out because it's such a long hike
-jump out of a plane
-have a bangin savings account (I have weird wishes)
-have an even more bangin checking account
-grow my hair to my middle/lower back, but not like ugly long. then cut it short and donate it.
-act in a movie, being an extra counts
-learn wakeboarding tricks. like cool flips and stuff
-take a snowboarding class
-ski at least once
-get a cute girly 6-pack
-go on a cruise
-travel to another country (Mexico doesn't count)
-design&create things for my entire wedding. announcements, favors, place settings, etc when that time comes
-take all of the missionary discussions with a non-member friend
-visit every single US temple
-get married in the Mesa temple
-visit every temple in UT, AZ, & ID (by age 35?)

If you have a bucket list, send it my way! I'd love to get more ideas :)


  1. This reminds me that I made a bucket list on the DayZero website last year, but then I got pregnant and forgot about it forever. I'll have to go look at it again! (If you go to the website they have lots of great bucket list ideas.)

  2. Oh hey! I really like your bucket list! ;) You'll for sure need to post each time you do one! Miss you Candace!


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