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happy birthday to you!

Today is my brother's 24th! Camaron Michael Stevenson. There are 4 of us total (Chris, Camaron, Craig, and myself) and while Chris and Craig were busy getting straight A's. Cam and I were busy getting by and helping my parents learn to think of lots of creative punishments for misbehavior. Go us! I love this guy! He's my personal shrink when I need to spill my guts and savor his advise, the guy where I can quote anything from Mean Girls and he will quote me right back, he makes sure to keep me up to date on the funniest youtube vids, and the reason I stay up late at night trying to think of funny comebacks. I love you, Cammie! Keep it real and don't forget me when you're a famous director. 


  1. So maybe I dooooo sit on blogger and wait and wait and wait and wait for you to post, so I can comment within the first five minutes of you publishing a post.

    What? Get over it!

    PS Name that movie.

    PPS It has Zac Efron in it.

  2. That last pic is my favorite, by far.

  3. Seriously, that last picture is so awesome. haha Happy Birthday Camaron!


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