Lately life has been crazy good. Mostly the crazy part. I'm getting ingrained into my two fresh jobbies and going to school at the same time. I LOVE having something to do with my time so it's cool.  I know you love hearing about my baby face experiences as much as I love having them, BUT today a women who said she was 70 (didn't look a day over 57) reminded me that I looked 12. She did say 12. Didn't even bother adding extra years and for that I respect her. Anyways, she said she used to be in my boat and look way young when she wasn't and gave me advise to keeping the young look going. Basically she was 70 and had zero wrinkles so: stay out of the sun& eat healthy and you're golden forever ever. In other news, since I work at Loft and stare at cute clothing all day long, I couldn't help but buy this yesterday:
Don't worry, it's cute! hah I feel inclined to convince you because on that model, it looks kind of silly because she didn't accessorize. I added a chunky necklace and threw a heather grey tank underneath that poked out the bottom ever so slightly and finished it off with some sperrys. Comfy, light, and awesome! Anyways, there's your update. Also, all of my favorite bloggers blog like barely ever so if you know of any great blogs, please let me know. you da best!



  1. very cute!

  2. I feel you! My birthday was the other day and someone seriously asked me if I was 16. Nope I'm actually 24! My mom keeps telling me I'll love looking young when I'm older!

  3. I'm with you in the young looking boat! I know I should love it, but sometimes when I'm out with my husband it looks like he is holding hands with his younger sister.... I asked someone what it was about me that made me "look" so young and they just laughed. Not sure how to take that.. but as a compliment I will!

  4. Oh Candace. I used to substitute teach and got told EVERY day that I looked 12. And teachers told me to go back to class. Haha! Also, I wanna see a picta of you in that sweater! :)


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