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Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself

I just have to say one thing. (or 12) I lived in Utah for about 16 months and it was awesome. Deciding to move home was a really difficult decision, one I struggled with for a while. A decision I didn't really think I'd actually make. When I finally did make the decision, everything, literally every single thing you could possibly think of fell into place. Moving home to Arizona has been the best decision I have ever made. I have never been so happy 24/7. Since moving here, I've met so many new&cool people. I just want to take 2 seconds to say thank you to everyone who I have met so far down here, and to the awesome people I am already blessed to know. Everyday, someone I run into makes me realize that this is the place I need to be. So thank you. Keep doin' whatcha do best :)



  1. Wow amazing post,am glad your happy nice blog, follow each other?

  2. I'm so glad it has been so wonderful for you.

    I, too, recently moved home. It was not my plan to stay. But I find myself here for at least a while. But, the mountains and other beauties make it wonderful. And, it is wonderful being near a lot of family, more than ever before.



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