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Someone's a winner

Guys. Arizona is rockin my life right now. I love school, I love work, and the people who surround me are all blessings and drops of joy. (whatever that means. it's good though. I'm assuming) I need some advise from you swimmers out there. I haven't done competitive swimming since I was like 14. yeah. So today (just barely, actually) I decided to go down to the club house and do some laps. I was struggling to do a lot without little rests in between! So here's where you Olympic swimmers come in- what are some good ways to ease into swimming and continually get better and better? Like some good workouts you may do yourself type of thing. I run a little bit so my legs didn't get tired super fast, just my arms and I need to learn to pace my breathing. Anyways, thanks in advance!

Hey so the winner for the Sew Red giveaway is announced here . Thank you to all of you cuties who entered. Such a fun giveaway! Kristen (the designer) is an absolute doll and makes the cutest of things.

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