sup sup sup

here's my schedule this week because I know you really really care to hear it. This is mostly me getting my mind set straight:
+2 tests. big ones. the kind in the classes that are actually hard. back to back. and I have to study hard (except for right now)
+2 clients to design for. I am so thankful for you guys!! portfolio here
+work all day every day. of my life. love makin $$$ but working so much is killin me this week.
the end.
It's getting cooler down here and I can't wait for it to get cold so I can actually run outside. oh, psa to everyone and all people of Arizona: who wants to either A. run with me in the early morn' or B. run with me at night time? Because let's face it. running alone is risque. but don't worry, a baby could complete my runs. aka they're nothing intense. seriously, contact me so this can happen!

k there's the rant for the week. peace. time to actually study. maybe.

p.s. ignore the new layout stuff. I was experimenting and it's most likely going to change.

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  1. I love the new header! It's super adorable :) I think that you should leave it!


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