thank you.

holy smokes! I love people. I seriously was shown such and outpour of love I almost didn't even know what to do with myself! So many of you sent me messages or commented or were just great about yesterdays post. I love you. just an fyi. thank you!!!!

in other news, guys. this lady kind of has an ah-mazing voice! Her name is Jenn Blosil. I met her like 2 times once in Utah because she is friends with MY cousin. She may not know who I am because I stood and listend to her and my cuz chit chat, BUT she is a talented lady. She is earning some cash money to start producing her tracks! If you would be interested in helping her reach her goal, feel free to check out her gola page here. also, I wasn't paid or anything to write this. I genuinely do think she is super talented. 

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