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Holly Lauren Mint Bracelet Giveaway!

Hey pretty people, today I am so lucky to giveaway this sweet mint bracelet from Holly Lauren! Check out below on how to enter and good luck! 

Necklace: E-bay. Shirt- Nordstrom Rack. Jeans- f-21. Bracelet- C/O Holly Lauren. Shoes- Sperrys


  1. I am pretty sure you are the cutest person in all of Gilbert. PS Do you know a Rylee Carling??

  2. Oh also, now I'm commenting for the giveaway. I would wear this bracelet with basically anything because I'm a total fashion blogger...NOT. Nah, mostly because I'm obsessed with aqua/turquoise and I almost consider it a neutral. That's all.

  3. Great giveaway! You are too cute! I really want that bracelet I'm in love with mint right now!

  4. I like how you mention where you got your shoes ...even though they're not even in these pictures:)

  5. Your hair is so freakin' cute! Love the bracelet color too. Congrats to the winner!
    Your newest follower,


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