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This has been my life

So this is my life as of lately. Enjoy your fill of photos.

Probably at least half my life is spent at work. This is what I do at work. I take millions of photos (of myself, of course) And rest my legs on the desk. No shoes required. 

Christopher ran the Vegas Ragnar this weekend and my phone was exploded with wonderful photos. Him and his team ate at Macaroni Grill and drew some sah-weet doodles on the table. 

He brought me home this little gem. Obviously for orange juice drinking purposes only. And maybe some Dr. Pepper if I'm feelin' crazy.

 I just wanted to say how I am obsessed with glittery things on my nails. And jackets with holes made for my thumbs. Gap has done it once again.

Yesterday I did not have a BBQ or go to the lake or sledding (if it snowed here...) or anything else that normal people do on days off, I stayed at home and studied biology for most of my day. And I actually enjoyed it. Knowledge is power! (And veterans are the best. Love you, Grandpa!!)

The night was closed with this lovely place for FHE and hot tubbing to follow.

Happy Tuesday! Life is goooood. 

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