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We went to the zoo.

Sooooo for my environmental biology class, my teacher decided to cancel lab and assign us to go on a field trip. You can bet I wasn't about to argue that one bit. Let me blow your mind with some quick math:

3 hour lab sitting in a classroom and learning < THE ZOO.

 There were a couple of choices of various environmental thangs to check out, but the zoo obviously was option one for the ole' group and I. One person in my group couldn't make it (poor guy, missin' out on the zoo) but my girl Shaney made up for the loss and joined Eric and I. Don't even worry because there were a few other schools also on field trips there, too. Regardless they were all in the third grade or below, it was an educational school assignment, nonetheless. Check us out all learning and what not:

Don't even worry, out of all the really cool you-can-only-see-at-the-zoo-because-they're-not-from-around-here animals there, I only took a picture of the gophers. 

As you can see, that small child is beyond envious of Eric's rare bonding moment with that monkey. 

Our tall friends. Check out that safari. The zoo was real fun and we learned a TON (except not really) (Sorry, Mr. Dinchak) 

But seriously. I am currently procrastinating writing a paper for this very class on xeriscape. You are all really jealous of my educational life. (siiike)


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