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I didn't fall off the face of the earth.

Can we all have a moment of silence for my lack of blogging. Or not really. But seriously, I blog like never anymore. Anyways, I love this season so much. Arizona has literally just barely began to become chilly. It's a love hate thing. I LOVE winter clothes but I dislike the cold. And Christmas parties are the BEST. 
K so here is a quick update on my life:
1. I got myself an apartment an some sahweet roomies. 
and I am obsessed with decorating it and making it the cutest apartment in the entire world. I'll post some photos on the decor later. 
2. SCHOOL IS OUT. Thank heavens. I love school, but let's get real, it is so nice to have a break from it.
3. I got a nanny job. Two days a week (or more if I'm feelin like it) to the coolest people ever. Picture this: The mom is perfect, young, and stylish, she is super chill about everything and anything, it's like 8 seconds away from my house, perfect children, and it will be a perfect job to save some money.
4. Chris and Tani and baby Bree (bro, sister in law, and niecey poo) are coming ON TUESDAY. I can't even wait right now. 

Anyways, there's a teeny update. Here are some pictures from my recent happenings, as well.

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  1. you look stinking cute in the birdie turban! i know so many people in your photoshoot, so funny:)


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