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Dreams do come true.

Ask me what my dream mom car is. An Escalade. I refuse to drive a minivan. (if you drive a minivan, that's totes cool, though!) Yeah. I obviously have high hopes for my financial future. Anyways, nanny lady and her hubs are the cutest; she drives a white escalade and he drives a black one. I know. So lucky.
So today when the 2 year old woke up from his nap, he was pretty cranky. Apparently he loves his carseat so he got all buckled in and the mom says "Hey, do you wanna just go grab lunch?"
 me- "sure!"
mom- "Okay! Do you feel comfortable driving my car?"
me- (after realizing that I wasn't even dreaming) "uhh yeah!"
mom- "Feel free to drive around for a while so baby falls asleep."
 Anyways, long story short, my dreams came true today. And the mom said I can just use her can whenever I want. I died. Obviously I am making this a way big deal when I am probably the only one who actually cares butttttt it's coo. 

So yeah. um happy Tuesday!


  1. Shut up. We are the same. I want an Escalade SOOOO stinking bad!!! I'm so jealous.

  2. Found you on the Monday Mingle. Followed via GFC, Instagram and Twitter. Would love a follow back. Merry Christmas!


  3. Stopping by from the I love my online friend GFC hop! Your blog is super cute! My dream car is an escalade as well! I've already told my husband I refuse to ever drive a minivan when we have more kids!!! =)

    Jenni @ dashofsun.blogspot.com


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