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Birthday girl!

So yesterday our very own Shaney turned 21! We, of course, went to all the places that are great and give you food just for being born. Joes Farm & Grill, Joe's REAL BBQ, and Liberty Market. Shaney, Matthew, and myself stuffed ourselves to the brim. 

After stuffing ourselves, Shaney and I went and got our nails all done up (I got the shellac gell stuff and I am obsessed. No chip nail polish? Sign me up twice.) And baby girl get her toes all prettied. Later was din din at BJ's where everyone who loves Shaney showed up and surprised her plus a fun little after party thang. Thanks for being born, little lady, and thanks a mill for being my best friend :) You're the best ever!


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  1. So is her real name Shaney? People always ask me if my real name is Shane...since it's typically a dudes name. I've never heard that one before!


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