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first day of school.

Soooooo today was the first day back at school. We had a month break. LITERALLY a month break. Plus 2 days. I seriously would marry whomever decided we get that much time off if A) they were single B) if they were young and C) if they were attractive. So basically, I guess all I can do is just be excited about having a month break and be grateful for people who enjoy long breaks from learning as much as myself. This semester I decided to take all art classes!.. and a math class. Just a little FYI; I haven't taken a math class since sophomore year. Of high school. It just isn't my forte. 

The kids were nice. The teachers were great. It was a good day, my friends. 

The line at the bookstore this morning. Don't worry, there were 2 more turns full of people in line. yay!

My math book. I think the pages may be lined with gold because that's honestly the only way spending over $100 on a MATH BOOK is justifiable at all. 

This was just funny. We are in Arizona. I don't even know where or how the "ice" survived long on this clearly sunny day. Thank goodness for public safety to get my back, though. Side note- a women in my first class came dressed in full winter attire. Scarf over mouth, mittens, big jacket. The works. Just so everyone knows, there is no snow down in these parts. 

My fave art at MCC. Nothing says "learning" like a big pair of hands on campus.

Graphic Design major 4 lyfeee.

This is my first day of spring semester photo. You can tell I really care to look my best for MCC. The Harvard shirt shows that I'm super dedicated...

Anddddd there you have it. School is cool, kids. Stay in it. 


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  1. You are hilarious. The hand statue would make me crack up every time I passed by.


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