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I'm not even kidding when I say I have a problem.

Guys, have you read this lady's blog? Barefoot Blonde. Check her out. She's your Sydney from the Daybook meets fresh new face of windsor kinda girl. This outfit she's wearing here:

Yeah,  just bought the leggings&heart sweater. When I see something I LOVE, I can't resist it. Clothing-wise, obviously. it's a little insane that I lust over clothing so much and have very little self control. Anyways, Leggings found here and sweater from Windsor found here

Also, since it's basically February  I am going to just go off the wall here and offer sponsor swaps. Email me at kahandace@gmail.com to get yo space reserved and we will make some bloggin' magic!

And one more thing, this will get graphic so if you're known for a weak tummy, stop reading like now. Anyways, 2 weeks ago I was sick, like throw up sick! I was in class feelin all queazy and what not when I got up and tried to tell my teacher I thought I was going to throw up. She was a little freaked (for obvious reasons) and sent me on my way. I carried a vase that was stashed in my car all the way home from school in case my stomach decided to be real cool and make me throw up while on the freeway. The second i got out of my car, all hale broke lose and I threw up like 3 times alone walking to my apartment. Gross, right? K so this morning, I woke up and the ol' body decided to make some magic happen (aka throw up sick for the SECOND time this month) All I'm sayin' is can't a girl get a break? K, that rant is over. I'm just a little confused where this even came from. I haven't thrown up since like, pre-K and all of a sudden I become a freaking professional at this. K well, just wanted to share my super fun experience with all of y'all. I'd suggest headin' on over to Jamba Juice right now and begging for like 3 immunity boosts. 



  1. I love Barefoot Blonde's blog!! :) And have you checked out caraloren.com? She is one of my other favorite bloggers, and she actually has that heart sweater too!! hahah. :) And I love reading your blog.. it makes me laugh! ha. You are so cute!

  2. Heading over to Barefoot Blonde's blog now. A few weeks ago I was throwing up like crazy too. Thankfully I was able to make it to the bathroom and boy did it look like a scene from a possession movie when I opened my mouth and well you get the picture. hehehehe. Feel better soon sweetie!


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