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The 2012 vs the 2013 goalz. kinda.

Check out this post for last years goals.

1. Last years goal was run 2-4 times weekly. I actually achieved the running one for a little bit! I go in spurts. I run consecutively and am diligent for a couple weeks, then I throw away all my hard work and stuff my face with taco bell nachos instead. It's a pretty cool cycle, I guess. Right now I'm on the nachos rotate and I'm not even one bit upset.

2. Next goal was be happy! I used to stress way too much (any stress is too much stress) and I wasn't super happy. Not like, depressed, just not where I wanted to be! I've come a LONG way and I can say I am so so happy. Life is great and I have totally found an amazing happiness that I plan on keeping till foreves.

3. HA the next was work in a pro dental office. This was when I actually wanted to be a hygenist. so can't really say I met that goal because I swapped majors and am LOVING graphic design.

4. Become a pro blogger. If anything, my posts are pretty scarse. Sorry guyz. I'll try better? I do need to get back into the blogging groove. I love it and I love writing  If blogging were a myspace friend, it'd be number 1 on my top 8. (who comes up with these things??) (I do)

5.Next was work on my design business. It has come a long way and I love all of my sassy pantz clients so much. You guys are the best ever! Not even kidding. I came up with a portfolio and a name. The ole' port has quite a ways to go, but it's a start and I am content with it. Portfolio here
This year my goals are a little more personal and I don't really want to blog about them so there you go! In the private journal they will stay. Of course the running one will always be a goal and I totally have become a lover of green smoothies and chia seeds and eating more fresh thangs, so those are kinda default ones. I will continue to grow my design business and learn tons of things in school and all that jazz so cheya.

K peace!

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