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Arizona adventure time! [4 peaks]

So on Friday, Adelle called me up and hit me with the best idea ever. She wanted to go explore 4 peaks (a mountain thang in Arizona) (yeah, there are really mountains in Arizona) so obviously I was all for it. We ventured out and found the coolest flake (aka fake lake cause it is guaranteed going to be all dried up by March) and got some real cool shots. Oh! I bought a new camera! My sister in law, Andrea, upgraded, so I bought it from her. It was a real good decision. And of course I did the thing every new fancy camera owner does and took a picture with me holding it. word

So anyways, enough chit chat. All you need to know is the dancer/ballerina poses are the new planking. We got risky and balanced in dangerous places. It was a real good time. cha-cha- check it out.


  1. I love those photos! What a pretty, natural backdrop.

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