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Just another life update, and pictures. and videos.

K soooo let's recap since last blog post- Safe haven was GREAT! I liked it. The end was a little confusing for a second but I totes am down to see it again and again and again.

This weekend my girl, Shaney's, boyfriend came to town! I played 3rd wheel real well. Kidding guys, I hung out with them and our other friends all weekend. They're the cutest. Apparently we were all about the DCOM's (umm disney channel original movies, duhh) because we watched Brink! and the Paper Brigade. Such good movies. The PB dvd was scratched or something because I never saw the ending. The disc kept skipping. such a rip off. But what I saw was real good.

Here are some photos from as of late:

Me and Shaney just taking a picture. the usual.

K when baby falls asleep, he gets real cuddly. I love it. It is my FAVORITE. K so today when I showed up to the house where I nanny, baby Hayes reached out his arms and gave me the best snuggly hug I have ever gotten for like, a good minute! I died. He missed me :) And an fyi- nannying is the best job ever. Everyone should do it I think. 

And here is Hayes' brother, Ryder. In the car he was just copying everything I said so I used it to my advantage. 

and the typical yes no battle. He always wins!

anyways, there's your weekly update! Happy Monday.



  1. I love your necklace where did yyou get it?

  2. Cuddly babies are seriously the best. Haven't seen Safe Haven yet, but I REALLY want to!!


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