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Schmalentines Shcmay

So this valentines day will be a good one. I for one am not the biggest v-day fan, but, I am not like anti this day or anything, just a little in between. Here are positives why this 'holiday' is tolerable.

1. JB Valentines.

for sure I bought these and passed them out last week at our weekly movie night. Movie night is an exclusive night where friends come every Thursday and we watch only the best movies and eat food and chat lots. Last week was valentines themed with valentines being passed out, frosting sugar cookies with pink frosting, and a little candy counter filled with lots of candy.(obviously)

2. I like heart clothes. like, clothes with hearts on them. So I grabbed myself this sweater:

sweater: windsor leggings: f21 boots: urban og.

This was going to be my valentines day outfit but then I liked it so much I already wore it twice. In one weeks time. Soooo I feel like wearing it again so soon is not a keeper of an idea. People will think I'm some outfit repeater. Yikes. But it was going to be the v-day outfit. 

and 3. Safe Haven

Yup. the movie night krew is going big and seeing this movie in theaters.  It's going to be real good, I'm sure. 

Anyways, I'm excited for when I have kids and can do cute v-day things for them like my parents used to do for us when we lived at home. :) But yeah! uhh here is a video Adelle and I made for the school news back in high school. it's a good one.

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  1. I really like your heart top! I've always loved hearts. xxx


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