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springish 2k13 playlist

I used to share my random music playlists and I haven't done that in forever! So here is my springish one. It is still kinda winter (aka it snowed in Mesa a couple days ago so...) but the spring trees are out. So it's just an in between stage of season change. 

K real quick, I know that everyone made a fuss about the AZ snow but I am going to real quick just post this photo of the playground outside my window.  In all my basically 20 years of living in AZ, I have never seen snow so close to my actual home so I guess I still think it was real cool.

Springish playlist 2k13:
[each one is linked to its youtube video so you can easily check these babies out]

She is love- Parachute 
kiss me slowly- Parachute
New Year- Parachute  
My Baby- Auburn
Two is Better Than One- Boys Like Girls ft T Swift
At The Beginning- Richard Marx & Donna Lewis
Like Whoa- Aly & AJ
Breathe- Anna Nalick
Both Of Us- B.o.B. ft T Swift
She's Country- Jason Aldean
Disaster- JoJo
As Long As You Love Me (acoustic)- J Biebs
Beauty & a Beat (acoustic)- J Biebs
Fall (live)- J Biebes
I Would- J Biebes
Be Alright- J Biebes
Red- T Swiz
Everything Has Changed- T Swiz ft Ed Sheeran
The Last Time- T Swiz ft Gary Lightbody
Such Great Heights- Iron and Wine

These are going to get be by from February to who knows how long. I make a new playlist for each season because I like my tunes!


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