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Worst advice I have EVER gotten

Here it is, folks: Never live with your best friend, you'll fight and hate each other and blah blah blah.

Here is why it is false: 3 words- Shaney Joy Lords. My personal best friend. We are roommates and I am pretty sure every time we are home together, 1/2 of our conversation is how we are so happy to be living together.

When I come home and she is not present, I am not happy. We joke that we hope we will be as excited to see our husbands when they come home after a long day as we are excited to see each other. No promises, though. 

Guys, just so you all are aware, I was blessed with the best roommates a human being could ask for. Last week, I came home to a clean apartment compliments of Kelsey. She even made my bed! Such a peach. Anyways. there it is. These peeps are pristine humans. 

Here is our first home video. You probably won't even think it's funny but whateves. Here's some background: Shaney and Mykee were in their room laughing at who even knows so Kels & I decided to show them how much fun we were having. We laughed real loud and real hard but Shaney and Mykee couldn't even hear us. So obvi we resorted to smarter circumstances. Exhibit A:

in other news, J-Beibs acoustic CD is a good one for sure. Check out this mess of talent and wonderful singing:


  1. I'm with you! I've lived with good friends before and its always worked out!

  2. shaney literally squatted like she was going to pee. haha

  3. That's the worst advice I've ever gotten too!! Living with best friends is the literal best thing in the world.

  4. oh my heck. I seriously felt like I was just back in my old apartment. We all would have been best friends. I know that for a fact. haha


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