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How we handle pests

So basically I grew up with all brothers and if there was a bug, they would kill it. I mean, I'm not scared of the teeny/nice ones, like ants or lady bugs, but cockroaches and spiders... so help me. We have seen 2, yes, 2 cockroaches in our apartment in like the past MONTH. One was on the celling so we called over a boy to come kill it. Logical. Last week there was one right by my laundry hamper. It's coo if bugs are just hangin in the middle of the room and all but when they go by my stuff, not cool. Anyways, me, kels, and mykee (the roomies) weren't about to touch this guy. He was literally like 1.5 inches long. Not kidding you. Here is how we handle bug problems around here:

that's right, I cover them with a cup till a responsible adult can come by and kill it for me.  Last semester when I lived at home, you can bet there were a couple cups like this strewn out on the ground in diff parts of the house. Anyways, if you have a better idea on how to handle bugs, gimmie a call. 


  1. I spray spiders with windex. It kills them pretty quickly. I know that sounds horrible, but I can't just pick it up and take it outside!

  2. Haha. I use to be this way. Until I took a semester of classes involving bugs and had no choice but to conquer my fear! Now I just catch them and throw them out! Lol


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