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spring break: Utah edition

Spring break, my friends. I have been living for spring break 2k13 since school began in January. If you think art classes are an easy out, you're wrong, just an FYI. They are doing a real good job of kicking my bum. Jerks. Anyways, this blessed break finally showed up! The krew: Me, Shaney, Dallis, Matt, Kati, and Marshal. All packed into a sicky gnar truck. I got middle front seat, aka worst seat in the house. Didn't even care, though. I was high on spring break and nothin' could crush my hopes. 

Here are some Provo highlights: this song.  St. George Temple. bridal veil falls. exploring BYU campus. Brick Oven Pizza. Blitz. Long boarding. lowes extreme air. Kaesi. Provo Train. City Creek mall. nickel city. photo booth. etc. so sick. 

K, here are some pictures because let's face it, no one likes reading long blog posts. 

Oh yeah, the reason we came to UT in the first place was so these two cuties could see each other. Coolest cats I know.



  1. So when you say Matt, you mean my bro in law! Who knew?!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Lovely photos! :)

  3. Dear Candace,

    Hi. I'm Ashlynn & I'm totes in love with your blog. You have no idea who I am, but that's what bloggers do, right? Become BFF's over blogs? Totally. Bottom line, I need your adorable blog button on my blog (still in its prematur stages, I admit)! Tell me watcha think.

    Thank you for being adorable.


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