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I suck at blogging, sue me.

I'm going to repeat myself for the hundredth time and say I've become a sucky blogger. a couple months ago, I was a bloggin freak. Posing like airy day! Probs too much for some peoples taste. Welp, now I've picked up this sweet blogger hermit thang. Because guess what? This is my life: School, work, thursday movie night. And pretty much that sums up everything. 

Life is good, for sure. I can say I have never been happier or felt more grown up (whatever that means) before! So that's a real plus. I still love being a nanny. Seriously, these boys are basically my own children a couple times a week and I love them. Like, Ryder (the 3 year old) is getting potty trained and any day that there are no "accidents" I am real proud of that kid. Going from the connivence of diapers to having to find a place to do that stuff is a pretty crapy transition. (pun) And baby Hayes is WALKING now. Well, half walking half crawling. Such a cutie. These kids rock my world.

My online shopping problem is still very present and I'm not even a teeny bit mad. Here is one of my new fave shirts that just came in the mail. 

Here are some more pointless photos that have to do with my life as of late:

My holy toms that I secretly kind of like even though I know they make me look like a white trash cheap freak. I probably should care butttttttt I don't. 

Okay, this one isn't pointless at all. Baby Fox! 
My teensy nephew who is just the cutest thing. As you can see ^^^

Conference weekend always brings the best memes. Love conference and love Bill and Ted so obviously this meme was geared towards people like me. 

So I bought a hat and I am continually trying to find an excuse to wear it. I LIKE HATS. I feel like since I'm a girl, people continually look at me like I'm some tom-boy wanna be girl. Daw well.

Story time with my boiiiiz.

Took the kiddies to the riparian preserve and showed them some sah-weet nature

Firstly, sorry if my feet are disgusting to you. But last week roomies and I went and got pedicures and manicures (groupon deal, I'm not rich, people) and literally it took my guy 2 hours to do. And the polish was all smudgy and gross. But I hate people that complain so I didn't complain. And he was literally like 18. and he "didn't remember" where he went to school to learn about nails so obviously he didn't even go to school to do nails. Or any school for that matter. And he was throwin out naughty words. Pet peeve of mine is naughty words. woof.  AND let's face it, people actually from Asia are AMAZING at nails. a-m-a-z-i-n-g. And this guy was FROM around here. the gull. Don't go to 4d nails in Gilbert AZ, that's all I gotta say. 

Welp, there's an update for ya! I'll leave you with this video from dennis the menace. CLASSIC. A friend of mine recently brought this movie and scene to my attention (i haven't seen it since I was a tyke) and this one gets me every time:


  1. Dennis the Menace is the best. I thought he was so cool when I was lil.

  2. cute pictures dear :)


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