tiger dress

Soooooo only 3 moe weeks of school left and I'm feelin' real good about it. aka summer. Since I am in all art classes, there are no finals. just final projects. which are basically the exact same normal projects we do anywayz. scoreee. 

Here's the part where I barely ever blog and then decide I want to do more fashion posts. 1)because I have been slacking in the whole "getting actually ready" phase as of late so 2) this will hopefully force me to be more creative with my outfits and all that jazz. yeah yeaahhh. I snagged this tiger maxi last week from forever 21. I take the boyz I nanny to the outdoor mall playground basically everyday (aka butterfly park because the park has a bunch of overgrown insects for kids to climb on and Ryder's fave radioactive insect is the butterfly) and after lots and lots and lots of play time, we walk around the mall. And sometimes we do some window shoppin. thus, tiger dress was found. 

cardigan: f21 tiger maxi dress: f21 (here) necklace: f21 bandeau: olive&tweed shoes: L.A. fashion district

check out those babies. tallest shoes I own. whenever I wear them you can bet I come close to twisting my ankel every couple steps. worth ittt.

welp, happy monday ladies and gents! 


  1. Tiger dresses!!! You know it's legit if it has a tiger on it. So how much did they pay you to do the modeling for that apparent complex. ;-)

  2. I love that you shop while nanny. best idea ever.

    ps. loved your post below about "woof" I say that word all the time!

    come follow my new blog (i use to blog at allymullin.blogspot.com) now its www.danplusally.blogspot.com



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