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why I say woof.

Craig (the twin) asked me last night why/what is woof. And i realized people reading my blog might also be wondering the same thing. So here is a quick example on appropriate use of woof. So this semester I have been real good at not missing any of my classes. too good. And with work and school taking up basically all of my time, I decided that I needed a break. So yes, I ditched my last class today. (don't worry, it's a good day to miss, I can make up the time I missed) so while I was studying before said class, an overwhelming feeling of disinterest made its way into my head. So I said to myself "go to class today?? woof" and then I got into my car and drove home. And now I am using valuable learning time to blog about the word woof. 

 So here it is. Where I picked up that wonderful little adjective.

shout out to home alone. yeah yeahhhh!

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